Contact our president and membership coordinator:
Norm Martin
Sing with Us!

We give three concerts a year: late November, late February/early March, and late May/early June. The dress rehearsals take place the evening before each concert.

There are typically two community concerts a year. In past years we have sung for retirement homes, community groups and a rehabilitation hospital.

What Do Auditioned and Non-auditioned Mean?
  • Auditioned members: Auditions for the chamber choir are held in June, September, and throughout the year. Prospective singers are invited to sit in on a rehearsal before scheduling an audition with the music director.
  • Non-auditioned members: No experience necessary, just a desire to sing music from around the world! Prospective members will have a brief interview with the music director to determine section placement.
    At any time, singers may demonstrate their readiness to join the chamber choir.
  • The annual dues are $225, waived for university students. A sliding scale is available upon request.
Rehearsals and Preparation
  • We meet each Tuesday evening at St Leonard's Anglican Church, 25 Wanless Ave., just north of Lawrence Ave. off Yonge St., close to the Yonge/Lawrence subway station.
  • The non-auditioned choir meets from 6:45 to 8:30 and the auditioned choir from 7:30 to 9:45. The whole group shares a break time together.
  • We are expected to practise the music at home and attend at least one sectional before each concert.
  • Help with the pronunciation and meaning of the different languages is provided by the conductor, by experts brought into rehearsals, and on the website by pronunciation files, YouTube videos, and other recordings.
  • Each year there is a one-day retreat in the city where we focus on vocal technique and practise the most demanding pieces in more depth. It is expected that everyone attend. Often an outside coach is invited to work with us. We break up the day with a potluck lunch. This takes place on a Saturday, from 9 to 4:30 p.m.
What Else Do I Need to Know?
  • We are a friendly group with a lot of socializing at the breaks; we take turns bringing refreshments for everyone.
  • We have several fabulous potluck dinners during the year for further socializing.