November 2019 Concert Information

Pronunciation Files

These are mp3 files unless otherwise noted.

Navidad Nuestra

2. La peregrinacion (The Pilgrimage)

3. El nacimiento (The Nativity)

5. Los reyes magos (The Three Kings)


Nothing yet

Rehearsal Files

Xicochi conetzintle

Xicochi conetzintle on

Navidad nuestra

Navidad nuestra on

La barca de oro

"Slow" files have metronome clicks on eighth notes.
"Fast" files have metronome clicks on the 5/8 measures.

Soprano, slow

Soprano, fast

Alto, slow

Alto, fast

Tenor, slow

Tenor, fast

Bass, slow

Bass, fast

Scores to print

These are pdf files unless otherwise noted.


Velo que bonito

Xicochi conezintle

Chamber choir:

Convidando esta la noche

Festejo de Navidad

La barca de oro (original score)

La barca de oro- written out without barlines for learning rhythm!

YouTube Links

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